Archival - Video Production & Digital Transfer in Harrisburg, Lebanon, Hershey, Reading - Central PA

Does your school or church have a library of videos of spring concerts, recitals, or sports events? How about videos of outstanding speakers, or excellent courses of study that were taped and stored? Perhaps you have coaching or training tapes that teach skills that never go out of date. Businesses often have marketing materials or training tapes that could be better utilized by upgrading them to DVD. VideoTrust can convert your entire video and photo library into an Archived DVD library organized according to your specifications.

Your DVD archive would be cataloged, indexed, and labeled.

Think of the space you will save, not to mention the cost. Imagine the expense required to purchase, or to create and produce all new materials.

Best of all, you’ll have easy access to all that valuable content. Because DVDs are convenient to view on a TV or a computer, the information becomes useable once again.

Dual Layer (DL) DVD Data Archiving

Dual Layer DVDs store 8.5GB of data – nearly twice that of standard DVD formats. Consider reducing storage space for thousands of forms, documents, and records from a warehouse, to a handy shelf of DVDs. These would be organized and cataloged according to your company standards, then scanned and burned to DL DVDs. Now you have convenient access to volumes of data at your fingertips.

Suggested global approach to archival projects.

  • Organize and categorize materials
  • Label, print and package materials
  • For project identity and uniformity, apply/logo to each piece of the project that will identify it as a part of the whole. This artwork would be seen on the jackets, labels and menus of all the DVDs
  • Create three master sets of DVDs
  • Consider how various content elements could be combined to create a ‘premium’ set that might be given as gifts to donors, or sold by the organization, or used as promotional materials, or for fund-raising.

Of course, we will organize, label, catalog, and present materials in the most user-friendly way possible. Consider setting up a simple server to ‘house’ this content whereby users could access and view these materials via the Internet.