Film Conversion

Film Conversion - Video Production & Digital Transfer in Harrisburg, Lebanon, Hershey, Reading - Central PA

Out of the attic and up from the basement! It’s time to show your precious films, photos, slides, or vinyl record albums the light of day. Bring them up to digital and conveniently share them with family and friends, and with generations to come.

Here’s why it makes sense to convert your dated media to a digital format now:

  • The visual quality of developed images and magnetic tape deteriorates with time.
  • A Digital Video Disc (DVD) displays far superior images and is unaffected by repeated use or time.
  • When new technology is developed in the future, your valuable content is kept in its original condition. And because it’s digital, the universal computer language, it will be easily transferred if necessary.
  • CDs and DVDs save space and are convenient to use on your TV or your computer.

Media Formats

The following media formats can be upgraded to CD or DVD.

You may wish to transfer from one tape format to another, e.g., VHS-C to Mini DV (or some other combination).

If you have media not listed below, please ask if we can convert it. We usually find a way.

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We also scan photographs from photo albums to preserve on DVD.

Film Conversion Process

Film is transferred and converted using a Buhl Multiplexer – considered by experts to be among the very best transfer methods. The film does not touch a surface, but is projected through the multiplexer via filters and lenses, producing exceptional clarity and image integrity.

Cost Calculations for Film

Film transfer rate is $.12 per foot. A $25 setup fee is assessed for each project. The Time and Cost column figures in the following chart are approximate.

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Compare your film with the examples below to determine your film type.

Film Type - Video Production & Digital Transfer in Harrisburg, Lebanon, Hershey, Reading - Central PA